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In games that are recognized to be checked strictly by regulators, fixing deals will not be allowed in that case. This can be understood in the association cup finals. The game can be fixed, do not be fooled by scammers who claim it cannot. A select group of people has been dubbed the "fixed match guys" ever since the very first instance of match-fixing. Some of them are trustworthy, but most are scammers. In today's world, cheaters get great promotional by posting edited screenshots on social media, conceited of winning huge amounts because of trusted fixed match sources. Having fallen for it at least once, most bettors are fully convinced that the operation of a match result is impossible. There is, however, match-fixing, and you may get access to matches if you know the correct people. If you ever meeting a source that senses to have fixed matches, then you can tell it is legit: – Ask for a free game – Get a free game from them if you want to try their games. You are most likely dealing with a swindler if the source does not agree. Put up a small stake or wait for the results without staking if the source decides to issue the game for free. The next time you play a game, go big if the final result matches that of the guess. – Payments Bettors are not beset by legit fixed game sources. Betting is also a source of payment for them. You may be dealing with a scammer if they demand payment first, especially if this is your first connection with them. – Do not be fooled by screenshots and reviews – The introduction of photo editing tools in recent years has made it possible to create screenshots that show clear signs of gains from any sports betting website. The majority of scammers function in this way. Even some go as far as forging customer gratification by chatting with fulfilled clients.